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is the printing technology we use for printing of our products

What are the jerseys and other articles made of ?

All printed products are manufactured from materials that are made of polyester fibers.
In most cases it is 100% polyester material.
Product design, including logos, numbers and badges is made of sublimation printing .

What is Sublimation printing ?

Sublimation printing uses special inks that react directly with molecules of polyester fibers, not only with its surface.
We use two technologies for sublimation printing:

  • Silk screen printing
    • particularly suitable for the larger series
  • Digital Printing
    • solves production even one piece at an affordable price.

Design (motive of jersey, shorts etc.) is first printed on paper in both above mentioned technologies
and then it is ironed into the part of products, (front, back, sleeves, collars, etc.) at a high temperature and using pressure.

What is Silk screen printing ?

Silk screen printing is one of the traditional forms of printing, at which the colour is extruded through the special cloth stretched in the frame. Frame Screen is bearing the desired motive and it is printed on paper sheets. Silk screen printing

Each color, which is included in the design, has its own screen, and it is applied on the sheet gradually, one by one.

The main advantage of this printing is processing of large and few-colour orders, such as fan jerseys, socks.

In recent years,this printing has not become profitable for small orders with multi-color printing and a wide range of product sizes. But this is today's standard trend and represents a major portion of our production, therefore, increasingly used digital printing.

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What is Digital printing ?

Digital printing is operated on modern large-format printers to ensure high quality printing. The colors are comparable to silk-screen colors.
Digital printing
The desired design is digitally modified for printing and it is printed on special paper, unlike silk screen printing on a scroll.

The advantage of digital printing is an almost unlimited range of colours (photo printing) and printing of various sizes.

The greatest advantage compared to screen printing production is "one piece" contracts at reasonable prices.

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What are the advantages of sublimation printing technology, compare the others ?

  • It's undestroyable !!!

Because the motive /design/ is absorbed directly into the structure of material ,it is resistent by touch and has 100% color consistency.
It cannot happen that the numbers, names, logos get unstuck or are worn out while wearing as it can happen with jerseys bearing the prints of different iron-sheets or and direct printing.