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5 points about design

What is "Design" ?

Imagine everything that can be printed on all our products under the word design such as jerseys, shorts, socks, inline pants, bibshort, but also mini jerseys, scarves, banners and many of our other products.

What is a "Standard Design" ?

This means designs that can be found in the various sports categories and their components (jerseys, shorts, etc.).
There is no difference in colour combination , completing the design of logos, labels, numbers - all of the graphics is processed just into that standard design and it is consulted and edited with the customer till the final approval.

What is "Customer Design" ?

Most of our production consists of just this form of design. It is evident from the title that the customer has a clear idea of how the design will look like.
He sends us documents that are necessary to create the preview .Everything is going through consultation, correction and final approval of the design into production.

Logos and other materials necessary for us can be placed directly with your order in our ordering system in the ORDERS folder tab "Communication".

What is "Design of made-to-measure" ?

The most popular option for all our graphics - free work is usually based on the sponsor's logo, club or event for which the design is formed.
Customer' s image is heard of and together with other factors, original design of the product is creating. Everything is consulted with the customer of course and he must be fully satisfied in the end.

Design - how much does it cost ?

All preparation for the design contract is free.
It does not cost you anything, though, after all - it is worth your time to spend over corrections and comments to our established views. This time we have minimalized to the minimum by using our ordering system ORDERS, that informs you about any event relating to your order.