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Sportswear for your sport - and more !

What are the products ?

Products are certain types of commodity with its specific name, an unique cut cut and size chart related to.

Configuration of the product (option compiling)

Almost all of our products have a number of variations and it is up to you only as you set them together (configure).
For example, in the configuration you choose:

  • Neck type, long or short sleeve, shoulder saddle type ...
  • Materials
  • You have a variety of options of pockets button-through, accessories, side panels ...
  • And last but not least, the quality of made-up proccesing - double seams, etc ..

The configuration of products will be served by WIZARD.

Product Marking

Each product has its specific range of sizes or cut designed for any of the user groups and it is identified by icons:

  • men Men - for Men
  • woWomen - for Women
  • chiChildren - for Children
  • uniUni - Universal, one size fits all

How are the products lined up ?

Each product is always part of some product groups such as: cycling jerseys, hockey jerseys, football jerseys, lacrosse jerseys, cycling pants, inline pants, soccer shorts ...

These groups are lined up under a group of sports: cycling, hockey, football, lacrosse ...

And the groups are lined up under category of Basic sportswear.
Other separate categories are: Functional underwear and other products.

The separation is shown in the following


Extensive sports clothing category is growing day by day as well as the categories of sports .The products themselves can be be used throughout the whole year season.
You will find different outfits and jerseys for the traditional sports (football, hockey, cycling, motocross ..), and non-traditional types of sport (dragon boats, bowling ...).
Like the pants, knickers or shorts are integral part of nearly every sports kit or set for summer sports then inline pants, hockey socks and shells go together with the winter sport.

Cycling has infinitely various range of products where you can find many variations of outfits for men,women and children. We can find here warm jerseys, cycling jackets, vests and overalls. Of course there are cycling shorts, 3/4 pants -knickers and even shorts in Bib design. There are also thermal parts -warmers for different parts of the body, including several "Headwears".

Functional underwear

It is a separate category of products that have a common character - the functional material. Products in the category of functional clothes are suitable for all types, not just sporting activities

Other products

In addition to sports clothing, designed especially for you - athletes, you will find many products that go closely with sporting activities

The main advantages of our products ?

  • Extensive size range
  • Product configuration according to your needs
  • Selection of high quality materials
  • Printing according to your specifications
  • Graphic preparation, including free preview
  • One piece ? No problem ...
  • Guaranteed same design and production for several years (subsequent orders for teams)

We can make You look great. But You have to win!