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Not just sportwear - Tablecloths

A little Club house, a little table in this house and what is on the little table? Of course, Tablecloth from us!

Tablecloths: great presentation - they notify, take people attention, and tells a lot..

Press conferences, promotions, tournaments, annual meeting ...
All events are ideal for your favorite products, so popular overseas - Tablecloths.
There is no need to bring any comments to the Tablecloths , perhaps only a single mention... Well, measure the table good :-)

menwochiuniTablecloths - printed cover for Tables

Tablecloths are made according to the required dimensions of tables.

There is only one restriction as with the banners and that is the size of the panel area with no stitching (seams) and it is up to 155 x 220 cm.
Larger tablecloths, of course, consist of these panels, which are stitching together

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Not only you will be great dressed up, but also well equiped !