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Not just sports wear - Scarves

Scarves fan hockey, soccer ...

Scarves - Yesterday and Today

In the past and it is not so long ago when somebody thought about scarf, he meant a type of scarf with classic roughly knitted name of the club, or worse, vague shape of something that evoked very far reminiscence of the club logo.

But fortunately everything is different today.

Scarves are knitted on a machine with fine splitting and options for printing are on the high level.
But they can never achieve the design options of the scarves using Sublimation printing.

menwochiuniFan Scarves - Necessity for hockey fans

Scarves are our only product that have a different manufacturing process.
First they are ready-made processed and then printed on both sides. In the final stage they can be also added some fringe.

Standard size for hockey fan scarf is
120 x 20 cm (without fringe). The length and width is optional and is usually based on the needs of design.

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Not only are you great dressed up, but also well equiped !