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Not only sportswear - Banners

Holding a tournament? - You need a banner!

Banners for any occasion!t

No major and minor tournaments cannot manage without sufficient visibility. Usually it is the media support, but even today the various banners placed at the right time in the right place can be very helpful.
It is good to have them at various celebrated events, club annual meetings , welcoming of new players but also for farewell parties with players who were fundamental in the team and they are finishing with their career.
Finally we can recommend the banners at the various press conferences, events of sporting clubs where the sponsors or partners are presented etc.

menwochiuniBanners - part of major sporting events

Banners are produced in different sizes and in different types of hang-up .

The only limitation is the size of the panel area with no suture, and it is up to 155 x 220 cm.
Bigger banners are obviously made up of these panels, which are sewn.

They can be one-sided and double sided.

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Not only are you great dressed up, but also very well equiped !