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What is the Wizard ?

WIZARD is in service together with the ordering system ORDERS to make an request and order of your chosen or desired goods. They both run on a secure server connection
with SSL certificate Thawte, where you must login under your registered name and password if you want to request products or make an order.

Login the WIZARD

For login the WIZARDa use your user name and password you chose and saved during registration. In case you have forgotten your data you can request them in the login page of the ordering system ORDERS. The username and new password will be sent to the email address you provided during registration.

For browsing and trial configuration of products is not necessary to login and for this reason you cannot make an enquiry and order.

What does Wizard allow ?

Use the WIZARD to select and configure the product (s that will be finally confirmed (if you're logged in) and this is the way how the enquiry / order in the system ORDER is created.

On the base of chosen products in your order there will appear so called blank rosters and you ca use the application ORDERS – for eg. Communication for specification of your enquiry/order without describing what you want in a difficult and long way

If you mark during your registration the field "Notice by email" (recommended), you will always receive the preview for approval or any new reports to your email you stated in system.

If you have any question or comments to the Wizard, we will be grateful for
your comments.