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What is the ORDERS for?

Use the WIZARD to select and configure the product(s) that youfinally approve
(if you're logged in) and thus enquiry / order in the system ORDERS is created

There will be blank "rosters" in your order on the base of selected products and you can use the application ORDERS - such as communication for specification of request / order, without describing what you demand in long and difficult way.
In the case that the enquiry will become an order , the ORDERS are still here for below mentioned functions.

Login the ORDERS system

For login the system use your user name and password you chose and saved during
In case you have forgotten your data you can request them in the login page of the ordering system ORDERS. The username and new password will be sent to the email address you provided during registration.

What do ORDERS allow ?

  • Communication on specific contracts with inline attachment
  • Browsing the previews,their refusal and making comments and final approval
  • Completing and adjustment of folders until the contract is not locked
  • Easy reorderdering based on previous realized contracts
  • An overview of all completed and ongoing contracts
  • Constant overview of ongoing contracts

and many others time-saving functions for you and us

Orientation in ordering system

Left menu

  • Orders-options

    • to enter new and modify the order placed (you must select a contract for modification)
    • to enter the subsequent orders from earlier completed orders (ready or locked out of order - a copy and repeat)
    • to adjust existing orders, subsequent orders (until it is not locked due to adopting for production)
  • Locked orders

    • the orders are already taken into production - can not be a modified only posibility to, copy, and make a reorder from existing order
  • Finished orde

    • the previously completed orders - you can copy and make a reorder from the previous order
  • Wizard

    • to guide you through the selection of the products given for subsequent printing,of which is made up order (you can just "flip through" and get the image of the product)

Top right field

  • List of Orders

    • Contains the headlineof orders - number, name, information about shipping and order status, after marking existing order- relating to,communication and image (s) in the field below


Bottom right field

  • Communication

    • Is proceeding on the level of given order, where you can insert files you need for creating a design view (if you signed during registration "Email notification" (we reccomend) is on your address sent Info mail about all new reports in system
  • Preview ( for Design)

    • Substitute of the preview file(s) that
      • You are disapproving and making comments to Communication
      • You are approving
  • Roster

    • each line = line of roster, which determines the size, quantity, or numbering, labeling A,C, nametags
      • New - adds the line of roster
      • Edit /adjust/ - edit the selected line of roster
      • Delete - deletes the selected lines of roster
      • Exports - exports the roster to Excel chart

Keyboard shortcuts

To select multiple lines please apply the standard Ctrl, Shift, like in Windows

If you have any question or comments to ordering system ORDERS, we are grateful for your comments.